Dec 24

Music of 2014

Favourite albums of 2014

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Dec 29

Music of 2013

A bloody great year for music. Quite a few high profile comebacks such as Bowie, Daft Punk, Sabbath, QOTSA and Boards of Canada, but combined with lots of under the radar gems meant I had a lot of listening to do this year. It was probably the year I really got into ambient drone and …

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Apr 12

Thoughts on the Pebble

I’ve had my Pebble for a week now, and several people have been asking, what is it like? So I figured I’d rattle out a few of my thoughts here.

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Dec 15

Music of 2012

Interested in my top releases of 2012? No? Fair enough, but if you are, then read on. I bought, listened to, and enjoyed a vast amount of music in 2012, but not much of it was released in the past 12 months. So the selection I have to choose from is a bit limited. It is the …

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Oct 28

Megadrive Modding – Results

So it’s about time I posted some results of my Medagdrive modding efforts. Rather than screenshots I’ve made a few videos showing the differences between 50Hz and 60Hz, and also what effect the language switch has. The reason for doing videos is it really shows up how crummmy the PAL Megadrive was running at 50Hz. …

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Oct 16

Megadrive Modding

Right time for a long overdue catch up post. Back when I was doing that SNES modding stuff I also had a go at the Megadrive. The objective was the same as for the SNES, get it to play games at both 50Hz and 60Hz and to make it multi-region. Now the Megadrive was is …

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Sep 11

SNES Modding – Results

So why did I bother with all that faff and pissing about with my cranky old SNES? Well as I said back in part 1, I did it mainly for shits ‘n giggles, as I simply fancied the challenge of doing it. The other main reason was to play the games in the best quality possible, …

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Sep 10

SNES Modding – Part 4

YES! I DID IT! IT BLOODY WORKED! IT BLOODY WELL WORKED!! Ahem sorry. As you might have guessed, I’ve made progress on the SNES modding project. After waiting what seemed like months (it was a few days) the rest of the gear I needed turned up – the new fuses, soldering iron, wire, solder. I was …

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Sep 01

SNES Modding – Part 3

Progress! Albeit minor. I’ve managed to fit the switches to the SNES case. The first job was to drill the holes needed for the switches and make slots in the case for the switch to poke through. I managed this with the help of my pin vice. In case you’re wondering what one of those …

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Aug 30

SNES Modding – Part 2

So there I was, SNES dismantled and in bits. Its guts open to the world, sat there while I’m waiting for the gear I need, to turn up from eBay. In the mean time I realised I only had a composite cable for my SNES. I’d do all this work and still be looking at …

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